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How to Register with Schire Group

  1. Click the link below to be taken to the registration site, then continue to step 2:
    Registration page

  2. During the registration process you will see the checkbox below. This is just to confirm you are aware that you are not an employee of Arise — they are just the technology platform that connects companies that need customer service with call centers that provide customer service. You are an independent contractor for Schire Group. Once you check that box you will fill in your contact information next.


  3. When creating your password, make it something generic, like 'Password123'. You will be able to change it later, but this generic password will be necessary further down in the registration process.

  4. Under your contact information will be a section called ‘Additional Information’. When asked if you heard about Arise from a call center or an agent, choose ‘Yes’. You will then be asked for the referring agent ID below.
    Enter referring agent ID (CSPID): 1769656


  5. The next question is how did you hear about the Arise Platform — choose ‘Other’, and type Schire Group. (screenshot below)


  6. Next, you electronically sign a non-disclosure agreement

  7. Then you’re asked to select your Independent Contractor Type. Select the third option, ‘Agent Working for a Call Center’ (screenshot below).
    (They recommend not using the Chrome web browser; however, other agents used Chrome and it worked fine.)


  8. Scroll down to the ‘Enter Call Center Company Information’ section

  9. Enter the Company ID: 120554
    *Don’t forget to click the magnifying glass after entering the ID.
    At this point your rep will need to accept your request in the system. The rep will automatically be sent an alert, but to expedite the process, you can text your rep to let them know it is complete and they can accept it now. Feel free to text the rep at any point in time that you complete this step, night or day.
    Erica Thompson: (516) 699-2554


  10. Next you will electronically sign your ‘Agent Waiver’ and ‘Agent NDA’.
    IMPORTANT: Once these documents are signed, just like above, your rep will be sent an alert by the system; however, to expedite the process, you can text the rep to let them know this step is complete.
    Erica Thompson: (516) 699-2554


  11. Check your email for the Arise Email Validation. Click the link in the email.

  12. Log out of the portal and log back in to validate your email.

  13. Go to ‘Select Client Opportunity’ and select 'Intuit - TurboTax'.
    *If the TurboTax role is no longer available, you can select a different company, or wait for the TurboTax role to reopen. Contact your rep at the number above or email to find out the pay rate for the other companies.  


  14. Once you have selected TurboTax, pick your course time.
    *Please note, the course time you choose will be your course time for the duration of training.


  15. Next you will take your assessments. (A payment amount will be shown, but you DO NOT have to pay).
    The assessments will include a voice assessment and a PC check. Additional assessments may be required.
    *If you do not pass your assessments for TurboTax, you are able to try to qualify for a customer service role with another of Schire Group's clients, such as Comcast or Carnival Cruise Line.


  16. The next step is a background check and identity verification. The background check may take up to three (3) days.
    PLEASE NOTE: Your Affidavit of ID does NOT need to be notarized.


  17. If you have passed your assessments, the system will ask you to pay for the training course — YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY. This cost will be covered by Schire Group. Text your rep at the number below and provide them with the email address and password you created in the beginning of registration — again, feel free to text your rep at whatever time you complete this step. They will enter the system and pay for your course. Once they are done, they will contact you and you can change your password.
    Erica Thompson: (516) 699-2554


  18. You will receive an email confirming your enrollment in the course. The week the course begins, you will begin receiving email from the instructor regarding your pre-work.


If any of the steps vary from the process above, kindly let us know!

We’re so excited to work with you!

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