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Today’s customers need support with the highest level of customer care in every interaction, through any channel, day and night. 

How we


Servicing a wide spectrum of industries, Schire Group provides custom contact center solutions.

Using innovative cloud technology, we work with customer support representatives — like you — to deliver virtual customer support to Fortune 500 and enterprise clients.

As a customer support representative with Schire Group, you'll work as an independent contractor and be your own boss — right from the comfort of home!

You choose the client you'd like to work with and set your own schedule. That's right, you determine what days and hours you work!

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Depending on the client you choose,

the services you provide may include...

  • Assistance with cruise bookings

  • Providing vacation price quotes

  • Questions regarding cruise ammenities

  • Assisting customers with product questions

  • Placing new orders

  • Answering questions about existing orders

  • Billing inquiries

  • Questions about pricing plans

  • Troubleshooting technical issues

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