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How to Register with Schire Group

** Once you electronically sign the non disclosure agreement and other forms on the Arise platform you are able to see the companies, the description of the roles, and the details (training dates, minimum hours required, etc) — the only thing you won't be able to see on the Arise site are the pay rates. To see the pay rate of each of the companies, you will need to log in on the Schire Group website (instructions below).

  1. Click the link below to be taken to the registration site, then continue to step 2:
    Registration page


  2. During the registration process you will see the checkbox below. This is just to confirm you are aware that you are not an employee of Arise — they are just the technology platform that connects companies that need customer service with call centers that provide customer service. You are an independent contractor for Schire Group. Once you check that box you will fill in your contact information next.


  3. Under your contact information is a section called ‘Additional Information’. For the question that asks if you heard about Arise from a call center or an agent, choose ‘Yes’. They will then ask for the referring agent ID below.
    Enter referring agent ID (CSPID): 1769656


  4. The next question is how did you hear about the Arise Platform — choose ‘Other’, and type Schire Group. (screenshot below)


  5. Next, you electronically sign a non-disclosure agreement

  6. Then you’re asked to select your Independent Contractor Type. Select the third option, ‘Agent Working for a Call Center’ (screenshot below).
    (They recommend not using the Chrome web browser; however, other agents used Chrome and it worked fine.)


  7. Scroll down to the ‘Enter Call Center Company Information’ section

  8. Enter the Company ID: 120554
    *Don’t forget to click the magnifying glass after entering the ID.
    At this point your rep will need to accept your request in the system. The rep will automatically be sent an alert, but to expedite the process, you can text your rep to let them know it is complete and they can accept it now.
    Erica Thompson: (516) 699-2554


  9. Next you will electronically sign your ‘Agent Waiver’ and ‘Agent NDA’.
    IMPORTANT: Once these documents are signed, just like above, your rep will be sent an alert by the system; however, to expedite the process, you can text the rep to let them know this step is complete.
    Erica Thompson: (516) 699-2554


  10. Check your email for the Arise Email Validation. Click the link in the email.

  11. Log back in to validate your email.

  12. Go to ‘Select Client Opportunity’ and click ‘Start Now’ to see the current clients you can choose from. Clients change on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis. 

    Follow the instructions below to see the pay rates.

    To see the pay rate for each of the clients and the bonuses/incentives:


  13. Go to and click ‘Log In’ in the top right hand corner.

  14. Click 'Sign Up' and complete the form.
    Please note: You will not be logged in right away. The website admin will need to first verify that you have registered on the Arise site, and then they will approve your request. You will be notified by email once the request is approved. 


  15. Once you are approved, click the arrow beside your name (top right hand corner of the site) and go to the ‘Job Center’ to see pay rates and bonuses/incentives.

If any of the steps vary from the process above, kindly let us know!

We’re so excited to work with you!

The Team at Schire Group
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